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Effects of helpful food supplements for girls and their mothers  2022 – 2023

*Now recruiting*

We are looking for 80 6-11 year-old girls to take part in a month-long food intervention study with their mothers to find out if we can improve family well-being. This involves having an MRI scan for the girls, completing some questionnaires and doing computer tasks. Both girls and their mothers will be asked to take food supplements for one month.  To find out more, follow the link study information 


Gut-Brain Interactions: effects of helpful food supplements.  2020 – 2023

*Now recruiting*

This study aims to recruit 60 females aged 18-25 years on a typical diet, no prescription medication or medical conditions, or metal in the body for an intervention trial of a helpful food supplement. This involves 3 testing sessions involving a MRI scan, questionnaires and behavioural tasks over a 2 month period which all take place at our neuroimaging centre at Royal Holloway, Egham. Participants will be expected to consume a safe daily food supplement for 4 weeks. A short online pre-screening assessment is required first to assess eligibility for the study. Click here to find out more!


At-home study of the effects of prebiotic food supplements on emotional well-being in children aged 6-14 years (2021)

Recruitment closed

We are recruiting children and young people age 6 -14 years and their parents for our at-home study on the effects of prebiotic food supplements on emotional well-being. Click here to find out more!